Holistic Counselling Therapy

I have combined Reiki and Reflexology with Talking Therapy (Counselling) and developed a method of treating different forms of trauma, in a gentle and sensitive way.

What is Holistic Counselling Therapy?

A combination of Talking therapy (counselling), Reflexology, Reiki and Intuition.

It is an effective way of dealing with issues and concerns that are preventing us from living a fulfilling life. It is also an effective and gentle way of dealing with trauma that is being held consciously or unconsciously within the body.

How does holistic counselling therapy work?

When we suffer a trauma, or the effects of negative experiences, however mild, the energy from that trauma or experience can become stuck in the body. This causes our own energy to become out of balance, resulting in illness, undesirable and unhelpful behaviour or mental and emotional disturbances.

The aim of Holistic Counselling Therapy is to realign the individual to their authentic and true self by helping to remove trauma and negativity within the body.

For the treatment to be effective, it is recommended that sessions are attended once a week. The number of sessions required will be dependent on the severity of the condition you are seeking help for.

It is helpful to think of the Holistic Counselling Therapy treatment in terms of going to the gym or taking a course of antibiotics. You would not go to the gym as a one-off session or, go for two or three weeks then go again in six weeks’ time and expect to see results. Equally, two or three antibiotic tablets will not clear an infection. The same can be said about Holistic Counselling Therapy.

If you come along for a few sessions, start to look at any issues and concerns you have, then do not attend again, or leave a big gap in between sessions, you are effectively leaving yourself open to the hurt and trauma without actually dealing with it.