Transpersonal Therapy

Integrating the spiritual aspect of our self and experiences with traditional counselling therapy, transpersonal therapy is a holistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy that goes beyond the individual’s personal experiences and concerns to encompass spiritual, existential, and transcendent aspects of human existence.

Rooted in the belief that we have the potential to transcend our ordinary states of consciousness to access deeper levels of awareness and connection, transpersonal therapy integrates Eastern philosophies, mystical traditions, and Western psychology.

My therapeutic approach acknowledges and explores experiences such as spiritual awakening, peak experiences, mystical states, and encounters with the divine.

Together we explore these experiences to foster your own personal growth, self-realisation, and sense of interconnectedness with the universe.

My aim is to support individuals in integrating these transcendent experiences into your daily life, leading to greater wellbeing, authenticity, and a deeper sense of purpose and meaning.

Some of the issues explored in transpersonal therapy:

Transpersonal means beyond the personal or self.