Practitioner Retreat Space

Being a Therapist can be an emotionally and mentally challenging profession.

Clients will often disclose and offload their issues and concerns to their therapist, which of course is a positive sign of trust and rapport, but what does the therapist then do with this difficult information?

As a therapist, you may be subjected to the same experiences as a counsellor but not taught the skills to deal with this, nor do you have access to supervision.

Generally, you will hold onto this often-distressing information because maintaining confidentiality is an ethical requirement of our work.

Over time however, a therapist may become overwhelmed or notice they are not working to their optimum level.

You may become tired and may begin to lose interest in your work, become short tempered and intolerant of seemingly normal, everyday situations, eventually leading to a depletion of energy.

The therapist is heading for burnout!

One of the ways in which you as a therapist can avoid burn out and continue enjoying your work is to ensure you take care of yourself, physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

The Practitioner Retreat Space provides much needed space for you to be able to offload this energy to prevent burn-out occurring. The Retreat Space is run once a week and lasts approximately 3 hours 30 minutes.

Attendance is not mandatory each week – You can use the space as & when you need.

The retreat space consists of Tea & Empathy – A group activity where you will have the opportunity to discuss any issues around client work, personal concerns & sharing of good practice (90 minutes).

This is followed by a guided meditation to help relax & let go (30 minutes).

The final part of the retreat is an opportunity to give and receive a treatment (60 minutes). The treatment exchange allows the practitioner to indulge in some self-care and experience a treatment from another qualified member of the group.

The Practitioner Retreat Space is a form of self-care that helps prevent burn-out.


£35 per session